what about the users re: NAT444 or ?

Christian de Larrinaga cdel at firsthand.net
Fri Sep 9 17:27:50 UTC 2011

exactly. don't plan to deploy what breaks things for the user edge. 

there are two issues here 

1/ what ISPs do that might break things at the edge

2/ what edge stuff is doing that will break things at the other end edge of a connection

It seems a bit odd that ISPs would actively plot to do 1/ whilst they could be making hard cash helping people at the edge avoid 2/

Odd because it adds a 3/ element which is stuff at the edge which will break stuff in the network. Do (some) operators see more money in a 1/2/3/ world?

On 8 Sep 2011, at 17:52, Dan Wing wrote:

>> Is there not a bit of CPE needed here? What should the CPE do? and not
>> do? should it deprecate NAT/PAT when it receives 1918 allocation from a
>> CGN?
> Careful with that idea -- people like their in-home network to continue
> functioning even when their ISP is down or having an outage.

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