CGN and CDN (was Re: what about the users re: NAT444 or ?)

Jean-Francois.TremblayING at Jean-Francois.TremblayING at
Fri Sep 9 15:09:38 UTC 2011

> And these 'perceived' routing issues won't be noticed nor are they 
> important to CDN's?
> I know what my job is, but that may not matter to the CDN's.  Reading 
> this thread, I wanted to mention another problem that I feel has an 
> effect on this issue.
> Lyle

A very interesting point. In order to save precious CGN resources, 
it would not be surprising to see some ISPs asking CDNs to provide 
a private/non-routed behind-CGN leg for local CDN nodes. 

For this to work, the CGN users would probably have a different 
set of DNS servers (arguably also with a private/non-routed
leg) or some other way to differentiate these CGN clients. Lots 
of fun in the future debugging that. 


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