Do Not Complicate Routing Security with Voodoo Economics

Jennifer Rexford jrex at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Sep 4 19:27:07 UTC 2011


Yes, as the brief write-up says, the group will make "recommendations regarding the adoption" (e.g., suggesting effective strategies for incremental deployment) of "procedures and protocols based on existing work" (e.g., RPKI, BGP-SEC, etc.).  In any case, if our current wording is unclear, we can easily revise it to clarify our goals.

-- Jen

On Sep 4, 2011, at 1:56 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> As one of the co-chairs of this working group, I'd like to chime in to
>> clarify the purpose of this group.  Our goal is to assemble a group of
>> vendors and operators (not "publish or perish" academics) to discuss and
>> recommend effective strategies for incremental deployment of security
>> solutions for BGP (e.g., such as the ongoing RPKI and BGP-SEC work).  It
>> is not to design new security protocols or to "write policy and
>> procedures for operators"
>    This Working Group will recommend the framework for an industry
>    agreement regarding the adoption of secure routing procedures and
>    protocols based on existing work in industry and research. The
>    framework will include specific technical procedures and protocols. The
>    framework will be proposed in a way suitable for opt-in by large
>    Internet Service Providers...
> randy

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