iCloud - Is it going to hurt access providers?

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Sun Sep 4 01:15:28 UTC 2011

The copper technologies of DOCSIS and xDSL are well established in
residential deployments and they are asymmetric by design.  I don't think
near-symmetric speeds are on the CableLab's and Broadband Forum's short list
of future features.  Even GPON is 1:4.  As more fiber is deployed, I believe
deployments will eventually migrate to some variation of EPON where
symmetricity is built into the design.  In the meantime it is what it is.

Somewhat tangential, has anyone graphed out the upstream/downstream ratios
of the various technologies (various generations of dial-up, DSL, fiber,


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In my opinion. Home networking (including personal clouds) have to change 
the brain damaged model of asymmetric tail technologies. Giving back the 
original peer-to-peer nature of networking the asymmetricity of the 
access technologies will not be tolerable in such a level (1:10) we have 
today. Maybe 1:2 should be more acceptable.

You don't have to worry bout this changes, but access provider cannot 
claim any longer 100MBps (while upload speed ~10 Mbps), but probably 60-70
Mbps (with upload ~ 30 Mbps).... They have to retune access services.

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