iCloud - Is it going to hurt access providers?

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at besserwisser.org
Sat Sep 3 15:03:52 UTC 2011

Subject: Re: iCloud - Is it going to hurt access providers? Date: Sat, Sep 03, 2011 at 10:17:40AM -0400 Quoting Jay Ashworth (jra at baylink.com):
> Gambling means that sometimes you lose.  Alas, the costs won't be on
> Apple.
> This seems to be an ongoing situation: carriers discovering that they
> also bet wrong on how to engineer the network: they've been making the 
> beams thinner and thinner, and then along came something reasonably
> rational... that was heavy enough to break them.
> Anyone betting carriers will stop gambling quite so hard, and build 
> networks the way John Roebling built bridges?

Well put. 

I find it hard to blame the users for using the network. That is what
they pay the provider for. Any implicit assumptions about _how_ users
should use the network are simply corners cut to make things cheaper. 


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