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Fri Sep 2 17:48:57 UTC 2011

 kind of old-skool, but I figured that NANOG was a group of peers
meeting to learn/share with each other.  most of the time i would expect
each particpant to pay her own way... under -limited- hardship cases,
as a member, i'd be happy to have my dues contribute to a stellar speaker
who is otherwise unable to attend.  but that should be a rare thing.
otherwise, i'd want the other members to occasionally pay for me to attend.



On Fri, Sep 02, 2011 at 10:19:34AM -0500, Jorge Amodio wrote:
> I agree that only those organizing or with a real need of financial
> support (folks from developing countries or from non-profit orgs or
> some students without substantial resources) could have their
> admission fee waived or reduced, all the rest MUST pay, even if you
> give a talk or serve in other capacity.
> As others said you are doing a "public service" to the rest of the
> community and if you give a nice and valuable talk you will get the
> recognition of the NANOG community and your colleagues, and we can put
> into consideration including a gold star sticker for your service.
> It will be really unfair for those paying (even if their companies do
> it for them or don't care because they have a mountain of cash) if
> there is a special benefit for some so they don't pay.
> My .02
> -J

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