Silently dropping QoS marked packets on the greater Internet

Mark Radabaugh mark at
Fri Sep 2 15:56:48 UTC 2011

On 9/2/11 10:24 AM, Jesse McGraw wrote:
>   I've recently run into a hard-to-troubleshoot issue where, somewhere 
> out in the greater Internet, someone was silently dropping packets 
> from my company that happened to be marked with DSCP AF21.  I'd fully 
> expect others to either ignore these markings or zero them out but 
> just silently dropping them seems unnecessary.
> So, how do you guys treat marked packets that come into/through your 
> networks?
Generally strip at the border the specific DSCP values that would 
trigger reserved bandwidth / priority handling in the distribution and 
last mile network.    Otherwise we leave them alone.

Mark Radabaugh

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