using IPv6 address block across multiple locations

Dmitry Cherkasov doctorchd at
Mon Oct 31 07:56:10 UTC 2011


Please advice what is the best practice to use IPv6 address block
across distributed locations.

Recently we obtained our PI /48 from RIPE. The idea was to assign
partial slices from this block to different locations (we have
currently 3 offices in Europe and 2 in USA). All locations are
interconnected with static VPNs. Each location is supposed to
establish BGP session with local ISP. Partial prefix /56 + aggregate
/48 (with long AS PATH) are to be announced by each office.

The problem we ran across is that ISP in US does not wish to accept
prefixes longer then /48 from us.
Need your advice: is this normal to distribute /48 by /56 parts across
locations or should we obtain separate /48 for each of them? Or maybe
we need /32 that can be split into multiple /48? Anyway we are not ISP
so /48 looks quite reasonable and sufficient for all our needs.

Thank you.

Dmitry Cherkasov

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