Outgoing SMTP Servers

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When you stretch an analogy this thin, it always falls apart. I was referring to the poison/pollution not the water/air. A drought/vacuum* would not be possible, but would you want the poisoned water/air?

This analogy is bad enough without the nits picked out. I actually mixed two posts to create a stream analogy out of an air analogy.

I will not go any further and all further follows on to this analogy should be ignored. :)

 - Brian J.

* a lack of air (for a reasonable deffinition of air) would be a vacuum... right?

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>>>> Nor is the data transiting these networks a commons. The air over my
>>>> land is a commons. I don't control it. If I pollute it or if I don't,
>>>> it promptly travels over someone else's land.
>>> If you choose to pollute the air heavily, the value of the air drops for
>>> everybody.
>>> If you choose to pollute the Net heavily, the value of the Net drops for
>>> everybody.
>> STRIKE 3! Oops got ahead of myself.
>> I'm attempting to prevent the pollution but I may capture a little good water
>(almost nothing) along the way. To say that this is a way of "bad acting" and
>causes a loss of value to the Internet as a whole is pure folly.
>No, it really isn't. Because the good water that you are catching is actually
>a drought downstream.

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