Google+ now available for Google Apps domains

steve pirk [egrep] steve at
Fri Oct 28 01:32:24 UTC 2011

Y'all ragged on me because Google+ was only available to gmail users...
Well, now you can enable it for your users from the control panel on your
Google Apps domains...

Google Apps administrators can manually turn on
> their organization. Once Google+ is turned on, users will need to sign up
> at <> to get started. For customers
> who use Google Apps for Business or the free version of Google Apps and who
> have chosen to automatically enable new services<>,
> Google+ will automatically become available to all of your users over the
> next several days.
> *Editions included:*
> Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education*

Now, do I toss the last 1.5 years of posts and use my apps domain, or stay
as my gmail user account. Decisions, decisions... Methjinks history is the
better part of valor, so I will stay using my gmail account. It would be
cool if you could link them.

steve pirk
"father... the sleeper has awakened..." paul atreides - dune member august '09 - Google+

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