XSServer / Taking down a spam friendly provider

Chris caldcv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 00:22:53 UTC 2011

> McColo and Atrivo were disconnected for much larger sins than spamming
> someone's wordpress blog.

Many of you do not understand the scope of "just spamming a Wordpress blog".

This is a huge business. Shady "SEO" companies are charging
individuals at least $250 per month to use their spam tools of choice
to spam forums and Wordpress blogs. I got one of the major players on
the run right now because he cannot seem to keep his "business page"
hosted with a company longer than a few weeks and I keep playing
whack-a-mole with him.

Guess what? Innocent people's websites are being deranked on Google
for hiring these guys with their shady backlink services and their
money is being taken. Yes I know they got what they deserved, but it's
so obvious with these backlink guys using cheap virtual private
servers for a month, getting shutdown and getting a new IP address
that something needs to be done.

XSServer could have simply amused me with a default auto reply to make
it look like they are doing something.

> Will your host allow you to block IP ranges?

Not the solution I was looking for because blocking IP ranges and
using scripts / services / etc like Akismet or others is simply
ignoring the problem, not solving it.

For folks who say hosting companies are not helpful: Linode, Amazon,
BurstNET, Ubiquity Servers and others are extremely responsive to
abuse complaints.


"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to
be when you kill them." - Sir William Clayton

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