Outgoing SMTP Servers

J nanog at namor.ca
Wed Oct 26 02:25:06 UTC 2011

Blake Hudson wrote:
> If
> 587 becomes popular, spammers will move on and the same ISPs that
> blocked 25 will follow suit.

I don't see this happening as easily.  Authenticated means an easier
shutdown of an account, rather than some form of port block/etc.

> A better solution would have been to prevent infection or remove
> infected machines from the network(strong abuse policies, monitoring,
> give out free antivirus software, etc).

We have 2/3 of that.  Antivirus helps some, but has some side-effects on the
helpdesk, if they're also the first response tier.

I find it strange mentioning 'monitoring' alongside 'freedoms', though.

> Unfortunately, I don't see the trend reversing. I'm afraid that Internet
> freedoms are likely to continue to decline and an "Unlimited" Internet
> experience won't exist at the residential level in 5+ years.

I'll agree with that.

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