Colocation providers and ACL requests

Paul Graydon paul at
Wed Oct 26 00:15:19 UTC 2011

On 10/25/2011 08:43 AM, Christopher Pilkington wrote:
> Is it common in the industry for a colocation provider, when requested to put an egress ACL facing us such as:
>    deny udp any a.b.c.d/24 eq 80
> …to refuse and tell us we must subscribe to their managed DDOS product?
> -cjp
For colo?  No, filtering is the customers concern, unless failure to do 
so is causing a problem for the colo network.  Such services are almost 
always paid for add-ons to a colo package.  The colocation business is 
usually fairly low on the profit margin with most companies trying to 
get away with the bare minimum possible over and above the basics.

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