HE.Net 6TO4 relay

Mike Leber mleber at he.net
Tue Oct 25 18:42:59 UTC 2011

On 10/24/11 9:18 AM, Meftah Tayeb wrote:
> hello HE.NET
> did you drop the 6to4 delegated prefix ?
> if yes please would you drop it from your BGP routing table anounced ?
> thank you
>      Meftah Tayeb
> IT Consulting


For issues like this please email ipv6 at he.net or noc at he.net with IPv4 
and IPv6 traceroutes to the addresses involved.

We are running and announcing 6to4 relays globally.

We did recently turn on IPv6 RPF facing our 6to4 relays.  This was done 
for basic network security reasons.

There has been no change in traffic levels through our 6to4 relays, 
however it does appear to have affected a very limited number of people 
(I know of 1 other we already helped, you would be the second if this is 
your issue) that were using our 6to4 boxes to de-encapsulate packets 
with IPv6 source addresses not in the IPv6 6to4 range.

If this was you, the fix is to either:

1) interconnect natively with us and announce your IPv6 address space to 
us via BGP (and don't use 6to4)
2) use your own already existing native IPv6 connectivity with your 
address space (and don't use 6to4)
3) make packets that you send to our 6to4 relays source from your 6to4 
interface with your IPv6 6to4 address
or 4) request a IPv6 BGP tunnel and run BGP so that you can announce 
your address space to us (and don't use 6to4).

If you email us we can work with you to diagnose your specific situation.


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