ARIN and Legacy IPv4 Assignement from CA*Net (Canarie)

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Tue Oct 25 12:57:48 UTC 2011


     From what we've been seeing there is a lot of those legacy 
assignement about to be freed. ( Yeah! )

     We're having some issue with a few Legacy that where miss-assigned 
when transfered from CA*Net to ARIN back in the day.
     ( We kept the control on them since we had access to the POC's and 
OrgID, which is not the case anymore for some reason )

     If anyone has a hint (off-list please) about how to go about fixing 
those broken assignement, we had no luck finding the process on ARIN.

     I can only gather that there is no records left from the CA*Net 
merge :(


     PS: Check your ARIN records if you have subnets in the 198., 199. 
and 205. just in case.

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