BGP Peers as basis of available routes

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Wed Oct 19 07:38:21 UTC 2011


> Ok. Thanks for the information :)  So that would mean that to answer my 
> question, I would need to determine the web hosting provider who has the most 
> number of peers and most number of transit providers?

>> You wont see those local peerings unless all those providers have looking 
>> glasses. So thats not gonna work out in this case. You will only see who 
>> they transit with...

I cant answer that, only you can. If that hosting provider has many peers 
but your customers are not behind them its of no use.

But generally a hosting provider with many local peers, either public or 
private -might have- ok connections ;)

For example if they private peer with 10 mbps and the other one has 10 
gbps public peering...

There isnt a real answer to your question. Its based on your own buisiness 
needs and decisions on those.


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