BGP Peers as basis of available routes

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Wed Oct 19 07:00:36 UTC 2011


Dont mix up peering and transit connections!

That you dont see that route on a lookingglass doesnt mean much. Only Could tell you they dont transit there.

Its all depending what you definiëren with available routes.

If i peer with all ISP's in a specific area and your looking glass isnt licated there does that mean its bad? You need to know much more. If your customers are local there its even prefered.

Its never that black/white ...its depending on your needs!

Raymond Dijkxhoorn, Prolocation

Op 19 okt. 2011 om 08:46 heeft "Nathanael C. Cariaga" <nccariaga at> het volgende geschreven:

> Hi!
> We're currently evaluating web hosting providers in the APAC region and one of the criteria that we are currently considering is the availability of routes going to the web hosting provider.
> In this regard,  I would like to ask for your idea regarding this.  Is it safe to conclude that the web hosting provider's available routes would would depend on the peers who are advertising their AS / network?  (i.e if web hosting provider claims that they are peering with telco a, b, c but as seen from a third party looking glass, only C is seen advertising the web hosting provider network that would mean web hosting provider is effectively utilizing c as their upstream??)
> Thanks.
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> -nathan

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