The Cidr Report

William F. Maton Sotomayor wmaton at
Sun Oct 16 14:06:10 UTC 2011

On Sun, 16 Oct 2011, Aftab Siddiqui wrote:

>>> success.
>> what would help?
> I guess rpki would help and a banner during every NOG/RIR meeting showing
> top polluters.

A similar thing was done at a USENIX in Monterey over a decade ago.  The 
point behind that one was to drive home how bad it was for the attendees 
to use telnet to their boxes at the mothership.  Nothing like seeing 
people watch their passwords put up on two screens to teach them about 

Granted, placing the CIDR report up on a screen may not have the same 
effect, but as NANOGs get video recorded, it's a lot harder to explain 
in the future why you were on that list.  Somehow the visual is more 
powerful than pretending an erased email doesn't make it into a web 

> I seriously don't understand that why an RIR can't send atleast a notice to
> those announcing bogus prefixes. A letter in RED mailed to the business
> address would help.

May be a useful angle for the RIRs to pursue - but are RIRs in the routing 
police business?


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