The Cidr Report

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Oct 16 13:59:28 UTC 2011

>>> Me and few bunch of self acclaimed geeks of our region read it and
>>> have done our level best to remove few polluters but with very less
>>> success.
>> what would help?
> I guess rpki would help

working on it.  it will lessen the perceived security benefit of

> and a banner during every NOG/RIR meeting showing top polluters.

NOGs could do that for the polluting operators their region.  this may
actually be implementable!

hey EOF, if you have not been completely digested by the NCC, perhaps
this would be good in wien.

> I seriously don't understand that why an RIR can't send atleast a
> notice to those announcing bogus prefixes. A letter in RED mailed to
> the business address would help.

RIRs claimed in the past that they have nothing to do with routing.  of
course, rpki-based origin validation changes this.  but i suspect that
they may still want to keep as distant as possible.


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