Please change Mailman back to NOT force the rewrite for Reply-to

Lynda shrdlu at
Sat Oct 15 20:51:55 UTC 2011

I see that someone has instructed Mailman to munge the reply-to. Please 
don't do that. I was about to make a *private* reply to someone, and 
realized that the setting had changed, and that I was trapped into 
replying to the list.

Normally I'd have just made this point privately, and perhaps only on 
Futures, but since it seems to be a recent change, I'm doing the public 
service of pointing it out, while asking that it be adjusted back.

Last week we lost a giant in the world of computing.
Last weekend we lost the giant on whose shoulders he stood.
Rest in peace, friend.
   (Tim Pierce, on the deaths of Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs)

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