L3 announces new peering policy

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Wed Oct 12 23:39:05 UTC 2011

--- jra at baylink.com wrote:
From: Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com>

In the wake of their GBLX acquisition, Level 3 has announced (already) what 
its new peering policy will be, in this press release posted at Telecom 


Isn't it just more of the same, or am I brainnumb today?

"...each party bears a reasonably equal share of backbone burdens – taking into account the amount of traffic carried by each party and the distance over which that traffic is carried."

"One fundamental aspect of the new policy is a requirement that carriers adjust routing practices and interconnection locations so that the distance and volume of traffic carried by each party on their backbone network remains equitable."

"If one party to a settlement-free peering relationship is carrying far less traffic over far less distances than the other party, the policy would require changes to interconnection locations and routing to more equitably distribute the burden of carrying traffic and thus preserve a fair settlement-free peering relationship"

Hopefully, I am not accidentally trolling as has happened in the past...  :-)

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