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Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Tue Oct 11 17:10:39 UTC 2011

The hotel will never refund at that level.  The only thing that works is not
to pay them in the first place.  

No hotel is that desperate enough to fill rooms that they're willing to
return 50% of everything if the connectivity is poor or fails.  They'll let
their competitors have that business.


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On 10/10/11 3:41 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:
> Holding the last 10% of the meeting room payment seems like a good start
> any venue.
It's worthless.  It's like being single-homed on a line with an SLA that 
refunds some small percent of your service provider fee for extended 
outages - fat lot of good that does you when your line Goes Down.  The 
hotel's IT department will assure them (and you) that they have the 
situation covered, and then when it goes down you get a whole whopping 
10% discount, but in the meantime you Have No Network.

To get their attention, to make sure they are really ready to provision 
the network capacity correctly (with adequate hardware, software, 
bandwidth, appropriate configs, etc.) the penalty needs to be something 
closer to "50% of all fees paid by the organization AND our attendees, 
for meeting rooms, food service, AND for lodging".  Then when the 
network dies everyone gets 50% refunded.  That will get the hotel 
management's attention and *possibly* help ensure that their IT 
department really DOES have the situation properly spec'd and 
provisioned to handle the traffic.


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