Y'all know Google is offering public DNS services now?

Michael Painter tvhawaii at shaka.com
Tue Oct 11 08:58:18 UTC 2011

Michiel Klaver wrote:
> At 22-07-2011 20:59, Michael Painter wrote:
>> Fwiw, ol' Steve Gibson has written a small (167KB), .exe, "DNS Benchmark".
>> It's easy to add and (or any nameserver) to the .ini file
>> from within the program .
>> http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm
>> --Michael
> There's also namebench, does a lot of more tests, and runs at Mac OSX and
> Linux too: http://code.google.com/p/namebench/

More tests?  Where's the result of the DNSSec checks?
Its maintenance is suspect, since my ISP's (and most resolvers) returned something like:

a.. www.anonymizer.com appears incorrect:
a.. isohunt.com appears incorrect:
a.. www.thesouthasian.org appears incorrect: sbsfe.geo.mf0.yahoodns.net
a.. youporn.com appears incorrect:,,,,,,,
a.. www.stopkinderporno.com appears incorrect:
a.. wikileaks.org appears incorrect:
a.. www.lapsiporno.info appears incorrect:
a.. www.paypal.com is hijacked:,,,
a.. uddthailand.com appears incorrect:
a.. www.stormfront.org appears incorrect:
a.. motherless.com appears incorrect:,
a.. www.partypoker.com appears incorrect: ppdotcom.iivt.com
a.. twitter.com appears incorrect:,,

Interesting choice of URLs.

I wonder how many folks are wasting their time chasing this ominous sounding
a.. www.paypal.com is hijacked:,,,


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