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In my historical knowledge of this: there are only so many venues that can have 500-650 people and fit. 

Jared Mauch

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> Then the RFP for the meeting needs to be more specific with some basic SLAs
> that result in a smaller bill if not met.
> Frank
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>> I would think that the contract with the hotel for the conference
>> would include the specific requirements for the network. Is that not
>> the case?
> underlying problems
>  o no hotel believe that we'll actually be significantly high use.  
>    they simply can not conceive of it.  ietf, apricot, ... have
>    seen this time and time again
>  o the hotel does not manage the network, so you have two comms hops
>    to anyone who can do anything.  and anyway, they are not going to
>    provision more bandwidth
> but the problems of which i spoke were the meeting network.  which we
> do supposedly control.
> randy

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