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Mon Oct 10 15:10:07 UTC 2011

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 10:44:12 EDT, Randy Bush said:

>   o no hotel believe that we'll actually be significantly high use.  
>     they simply can not conceive of it.  ietf, apricot, ... have
>     seen this time and time again

To be fair, that's not a hotel-only problem.  We've seen that problem within
the IT industry.  Actual discussion with a vendor who wanted to analyze our
logs so they could size a solution:

"Send us a day's worth of logs" "OK"
"We said a *day's* worth, not a *week*". "That *was* a day"
"Wow, that logfile was huge, we didn't think anybody actually did that much traffic a day..."

The sad part was that the vendor in question *really* should have known better,
we're pretty sure they targeted their solution at many sites bigger than us.

Or maybe the other sites are bigger, but we pound the bejeebers out of stuff. I dunno.
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