nanog53 network status

Anton Kapela tkapela at
Mon Oct 10 15:01:36 UTC 2011


At present, we're aware of several issues affecting access to the
NANOG attendee network -- in short, they include:

-Apparent 'lumping' of iDevices, picking 11b/g channels of "1" and "6"
(while channel 11 AP's sid idly by); adjusting additional AP's power
and channel configuration to perturb this sub-optimal client selection

-AP's were permitting all frame bitrates (1 through 54 mbit
encodings); these have been adjusted to include 5.5 mbits (cck, b) and
12 mbits (ofdm, g) encodings or greater (this reduces transmission
duty cycles, frees up airtime, reduces contention, and hopefully
performs better).

-DHCP timer was set at 600 seconds; I'm informed that the lease time
was increased to 3600 seconds at ~10:30AM PST today.

Please relay any outstanding issues my way--I'll route to Verilan,
which is handling the network and wireless support for the meeting.



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