meeting network

Michael Sinatra michael at
Mon Oct 10 14:52:17 UTC 2011

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011, Randy Bush wrote:

>>>> if it's wifi that's causing the trouble, the usual causes are:
>> is the complaint the hotel ROOM wireless? or the meeting-room?
> meeting net, a-secure and a.  really bad during the night, but still
> bouncing up until 08:30 when i turned laptop off to participate in
> breakfast.
> and conjecturbation as to what the problem was is amusing at best.  i
> asked for actual diagnosis from whover is running the net.

I am noticing far worse performance and reliability with IPv6 as opposed 
to IPv4.  For a good 10 minutes until just now there was *no* IPv6 routing 
even to the first hop, but IPv4 was still "working."  Now things are 
merely slow, not broken.

I also got bounced a few times from -secure and -a and when I got back I 
couldn't get an address (IPv4 or IPv6) for some time.

Conjecturbation: They're using an old proteon router and someone is 
exhausting its arp and ndp caches.


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