meeting network

Nick Hilliard nick at
Mon Oct 10 12:46:54 UTC 2011

On 10/10/2011 13:28, Randy Bush wrote:
> perhaps as an educational exercise in network troubleshooting whoever is
> operating the meeting network could explain what the frack is wrong with
> the meeting network, how it is being debugged, and what they have
> learned about the cause of the suckage.

if it's wifi that's causing the trouble, the usual causes are:

- insufficient density of APs for the number of clients
- APs configured with TX too high (should be set as low as possible)
- APs configured to accept dot11b <= 9 megs
- APs configured to use auto channel selection
- stupid broken clients screaming at high volume across the room to APs
which are impossibly far away

There is a more fundamental problem, though:  wifi was not designed with
crazyass density in mind.

Bring back UTP?


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