OT: Social Networking, Privacy and Control

Christian de Larrinaga cdel at firsthand.net
Tue Oct 4 17:35:24 UTC 2011

You know I don't need Facebook to introduce (broker) me to anyone! I am more than happy managing my own relationships (gradations of trust included!) Oh and my friends are distributed in the real world as well! 

This works pretty well even without a "social network" or a "system". When the Diginotar certification authority was badly compromised I got a bunch of information from many sources using those protocols which span the standards sphere of the Internet each bringing information that I value at varying levels of trust and applicability. Between and in combination of all this input I was able to take action and remove Diginotar from my keychain. I could have waited for Apple to stir its stumps but didn't need to. 

All those independent distributed "trust brokers" did a fine job! 

thanks folks!


On 4 Oct 2011, at 16:38, Jay Ashworth wrote:

> As usual, the underlying issue is one of trust.
> Alas, I see no theoretical way that distributed systems like Diaspora *can*
> provide some of the functions that are core to systems like Facebook, *exactly
> by virtue* (vice?) of the fact that they are distributed; there is no central
> Trust Broker.

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