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A sub question to this would be - is anyone using an app or client that will forward windows OS events to said collector? I've seen Loglogic and others. Was just curious if you've used a small scale version to collect security events - log on, log off, etc...?

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It's a bit old but still works well. Russel Fulton and I worked on this when I was down in NZ.

You still need to run syslog-ng but this allows you to ignore, warn, alert on logs via regex.


On 09/30/2011 09:50 AM, harbor235 wrote:
> What is everyone using to collect, alert, and analyze syslog data?
> I am looking for something that can generate reports as well as support
> multiple vendors. We have done some home grown stuff in the past but
> would be interested in something  that incorprates all the best features.
> Soalrwinds, splunk, fwanalog, and others come to mind, any other good ones
> out there?
> Mike

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