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> Is this not the nature of social media? If you want to make sure something
> is secure (sensitive information), Why is it on social media. If you are
> worried about it being monetised, I think Google has already done that.


Because "sensitive" is a word with different definitions at different times
for different people.

I don't mind my friends knowing that I (used to) go to Rocky Horror every
Saturday night and run around in my underwear.  I don't particularly want 
a potential employer to know that, and I might not want a new girlfriend to
know it *immediately*.

The promise of Social Networking is *precisely* that it permits this more
fine-grained *control* (that's the key word, for those who weren't playing 
the home game) over the information you disseminate, as opposed to just 
posting all of it on your blog.

*Telling people you're going to provide them that control* and then being
sloppy about it -- or worse, purposefully evil -- is the thing that has people
up in arms.

As usual, the underlying issue is one of trust.

Alas, I see no theoretical way that distributed systems like Diaspora *can*
provide some of the functions that are core to systems like Facebook, *exactly
by virtue* (vice?) of the fact that they are distributed; there is no central
Trust Broker.

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