Synology Disk DS211J

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Thanks everyone for the input. I've seen some very good responses, and this NANOG newbie appreciates the take... :-) 

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It's updates, I've got a 1511+ here and at the office. It phones home to check for updates. I noticed this the day I got it. Blocked the dst IP and that was the only thing that "broke".

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> Hey all.

> A little off topic, but wanted to share... I purchased a home storage

> Synology DS1511+. After configuring it on the home net, I did some

> to look at the protocols, and noticed that the DS1511+ is making 

> connections to (www) and (port 81 & 89) on a

> regular basis. These addresses are owned by Synology and Chungwa Telecom 

> Taiwan.


> So far, I've not been able to find much information on their support 

> or Synology's wiki, but I wanted to put it out there.




Maybe it's for checking new firmware update availability...


Pierre-Yves Maunier

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