FW: [arin-announce] Whois Query Behavior is Updated

Mark Kosters markk at arin.net
Mon Oct 3 19:11:34 UTC 2011


Apologies for the cross post from ARIN-Announce. Thought that many of you
would be interested in hearing about the recent ARIN Whois change given
the recent discussion on NANOG.

Mark Kosters

On 10/2/11 8:51 PM, "ARIN" <info at arin.net> wrote:

>ARIN has changed the Whois query behavior on port 43. A query for an IP
>address in the ARIN region will return only that assignment/allocation
>within the ARIN region, and will no longer included ARIN's parent record
>(the /8).
>Both the Whois web interface and Whois-RWS behavior were not affected by
>this configuration change.
>Mark Kosters
>Chief Technical Officer
>American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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