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david raistrick drais at
Wed Nov 23 11:19:25 CST 2011

On Wed, 23 Nov 2011, Brian Stengel wrote:

> Apologies if this is not appropriate for this list... but I'm looking to
> hire network engineers for our project and would like to hear what job
> boards are best for network engineering types to view.  I'm not a

IME, anyway, none of them.   If you're targeting a specific locality, 
eng/ops groups, linkedin, and craigslist are probably a good start.

I dont believe that engineers looking for engineers is offtopic for nanog, 
either (though the rules may have changed over the years), though if 
you're open to a more global response.  there is a nanog-jobs list, but it 
has had effectively zero traffic....

david raistrick
drais at   

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