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Check out Splunk (


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On Nov 19, 2011, at 16:51, Duane Toler <detoler at> wrote:

> Hey NANOG!
> My employer is deploying CIsco ASA firewalls to our clients
> (specifically the 5505, 5510 for our smaller clients).  We are having
> problems finding a decent log viewer.  Several products seem to mean
> well, but they all fall short for various reasons.  We primarily use
> Check Point firewalls, and for those of you with that experience, you
> know the SmartViewer Tracker is quite powerful.  Is there anything
> close to the flexibility and filtering capabilities of Check Point's
> SmartView Tracker?
> For now, I've been dumping the logs via syslog with TLS using
> syslog-ng to our server, but that is mediocre at best with varying
> degrees of reliability.  The syslog-ng server then sends that to a
> perl script to put that into a database.  That allows us to run our
> monthly reports, but that doesn't help us with live or historical log
> parsing and filtering (see above, re: SmartView Tracker).
> If a customer called to help us troubleshoot connection issues over
> the past few days, there's no way to review the logs and figure out
> what happened back then.  Every CCIE we've talked to, and Cisco
> themselves, seem to not care about firewall traffic logs or the
> ability to parse and review them.  We know about Cisco Security
> Center, but that seems incapable of handling logs, etc.  CS-MARS
> would've been great, but that's overpriced and now discontinued
> anyway.  We'd hate to spend the time writing our own app if there's a
> viable product already available (we're willing to pay a reasonable
> price for one, too).
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!!

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