Bandwidth Upgrade

Keegan Holley keegan.holley at
Thu Nov 17 09:54:43 CST 2011

Start with why you think it's necessary and what happens if mgt doesn't
listen.  Bandwidth is like electricity in a sense.  Either you have what
you need or you go belly up until some utility company can give you more
juice.  If you notice a growth pattern and are trying to get in front of it
that's obviously important.  If you are approaching the point where a
single link in redundant pairs can't handle the full load during an outage,
that's important as well.  Knowing how to use power point helps too (avoid
animation).  Maybe I don't understand the question but this is usually a
no-brainer especially if there is an existing capacity management strategy.

2011/11/17 Bielawa, Daniel Walter <dwbielawa at>

> Greetings,
>                My team is in the process of putting some documentation
> together to justify a bandwidth upgrade. I am asking if you would be
> willing to reply back to me, with how you decide that it is time to upgrade
> your bandwidth. On-line or off-line reply's will be acceptable.
> Thank You
> Daniel Bielawa
> Network Engineer
> Liberty University Network Services
> (434)592-7987
> 40 Years of Training Champions for Christ: 1971-2011

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