Arguing against using public IP space

Jason Lewis jlewis at
Sun Nov 13 17:58:36 CST 2011

>> I think I could announce private IP space, so doesn't that make this
>> argument invalid?
> You could announce it.  I wouldn't expect anyone else to listen to those
> announcements other than for the purpose of ridiculing you.

People keep pointing to this as unlikely.  I argue that spammers are
currently doing this all over the world, maybe not as widespread wiith
1918 space.  If I can announce 1918 space to an ISP where my target doesn't matter if everyone else ignores or drops it.  The ISP
allowed it, so all their customers will route the traffic.   I still
think it's a valid attack vector, discounting it because people would
laugh at me, seems like a poor security posture.


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