BGP conf

Edward avanti edward.avanti at
Tue Nov 1 20:01:37 CDT 2011

First, I accept this might not really right list for request, have use nsp
cisco list but only first post to was succeed, sent several other for past
4 day and none appear (verified by list archive) so please excuse request.

I am in need of a cisco config for BGP setup, we have a require to include
IX peering at new location as well as our Verizon link, we like to take
full bgp from Verizon and send to IX what they send us, I spend days
reading google, and so many conflict web site example, so many example seem
insecure no prefix list so on. end result to date is only sore eyes, would
someone who do same (not need be Verizon) be kind to send us off list
working running config (yes without your password heh) or at least how to
apply to BGP router including access/prefix list  and interfaces so we have
an idea on what do, if you take two full BGP feed from two transit
carrierin load share and IX, that good, because that our stage three plan,
but I can work without two transit.

I am not ignorant with cisco 7201, but am total newby to BGP.

Best Thanks

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