Cablevision's company line on IPv6 to the home

Phil Bedard bedard.phil at
Sat May 28 21:06:42 UTC 2011

Cablevision (AS6128) does have globally routable IPv6 space
(2001:48a0::/32), but I'm not sure what they are doing with it just yet.
I'm sure a Level 1 tech support individual is not the company spokesman on
IPv6, or anything else.


On 5/28/11 4:21 PM, "Greg Ihnen" <os10rules at> wrote:

>I just got off the phone with a level 1 tech support guy about an issue
>with my parents Cablevision/Optimum Online service and decided to ask the
>fellow if there's any official company news about IPv6 being in the
>works. His comments were that there is a test coming up (he was referring
>to World IPv6 Day), though he admitted that Cablevision is choosing not
>to participate in the "test" because they want to wait to see that IPv6
>actually works without problems before they turn it on. He said it with a
>tone that seemed to express that the World IPv6 Day "test" is an
>irresponsible diversion. I politely and without any noticeable
>condescension (I believe) told him "that's what I expected" and bid him
>It's neat how they're going to skip that irresponsible testing phase and
>just turn it on one day and it's going to work perfectly.
>And I wonder how they'll know when IPv6 is done. Maybe is has one of
>those things that frozen turkeys have, that pops out when it's done.
>I've got my HE tunnels up and running on a Mikrotik hardware on the
>little networks I manage. I can't wait for IPv6 Day.
>So someone on the list please let Cablevision/Optonline know when you've
>finished IPv6. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

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