Contention/Oversubscription maths

Adam Armstrong lists at
Fri May 27 13:45:28 UTC 2011

On 27/05/2011 14:40, Jacob Broussard wrote:
> We offer peak speeds of 4mbps, and we have an extrordinary amount of 
> people using (abusing as some would say) streaming video for many 
> hours of the day causing headaches for us.  You probably would be safe 
> to assume that you can use a higher ratio for your higher speeds as 
> there will be fewer people that can take advantage of the full 
> connection speed.
This is pretty much what I expect. If you give a 4Mbit user 40Mbit, he 
tends not to even be able to use 10 times as much, so we can get away 
with much higher ratios.

Statistics and graphs i've seen offlist have been very helpful, and 
suggest that 1000 100mbit customers is doable on 1GE.

Atleast, today. Next year's (decade?) launch of the YouView platform in 
the UK should increase usage a lot, not to mention a service like 
Netflix starting in the UK. We have some movie streaming services, but 
they generally suck and are quite low bitrate.

Thanks for the thoughts :D

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