Contention/Oversubscription maths

Jacob Broussard shadowedstranger at
Fri May 27 13:02:07 UTC 2011

I don't use almost any bandwidth outside of Netflix, Steam game downloads,
and getting my daily dose of streaming starcraft videos and ntop tells me I
averaged 1.7mbps over the last month.  Mind you this is on an 8mbps peak
connection.  With peak speeds of 8m I would be pissed if I was getting 500k,
much less if I had a 100m connection and got less than a meg.  I have no
doubt that if I had a faster connection that I would have used even more
bandwidth... With the popularity of streaming video now a 1000:1 or even a
100:1 oversubscription rate is almost definitely just going to cause you
headaches...  Back in my days of noc, 9 out of 10 bandwidth AUP abusers
weren't even using torrents, they were almost all netflix or people that got
rid of cable to watch video online.

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