where are all the IPv6 tools?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 26 05:28:45 UTC 2011

The PERL Net::IP module provides a basis that would make it fairly
easy to implement most of those and does fully support both IPv4
and IPv6.

IIRC, those tools predated Net::IP, so, re-implementing them from
scratch using Net::IP might be both cleaner and easier.


On May 25, 2011, at 11:54 AM, Jay Borkenhagen wrote:

> Hi,
> I depend on a number of shell tools for manipulating IPv4 addresses,
> CIDR blocks, etc. like:
> aggis
> ipsort.pl
> grepcidr
> aggregate
> I have not yet found much in terms of similar shell utilities for
> IPv6.  I've spoken to authors of some of these tools and they admit
> they have not yet produced IPv6-capable versions.  (Not trying to name
> and shame: those tools are great, I just want more!)
> Do folks here know of IPv6 tools that might provide some of the
> functions the above tools provide for IPv4?
> Thanks!
>                                                       Jay B.

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