Rogers Canada using for internal address space

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Tue May 24 17:38:01 UTC 2011

> Is the DoD releasing this range to Rogers? Or has Rogers squatted on
> this space due to exhaustion of their 10/8 use? We've seen other

> Squatting resources from an organization that can deploy F/A-18
> Hornets, F/A-22 Raptors, Predator drones or Navy SEALs is probably bad
> to your health.
> It's been a while since we fought a war with canada.

I haven't read any formal declaration of war from the US regarding
Pakistan, and that haven't helped an infamous citizen of being killed
there by DoD assets... on the other hand, it's safer for an american
company to squatt DoD number resources than a canadian one, due to
Posse Comitatus.


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