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Tue May 24 14:13:24 UTC 2011

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> I ran into this issue with a service provider that wanted to set up
> point of sale terminals on our campus.  They were using DoD address
> space in their inside network, and they ordered ISDN connectivity from
> our site back to their network.  The point of sale terminals were
> connected on our campus network.  They wanted me to set a static route
> on my network backbone that pointed all of the hijacked DoD address
> space to this ISDN line.  Of course, I told them no.  The university I
> was working for at the time had some DoD contracts, and I was afraid
> that it might break legitimate traffic.  Plus, I thought this was a
> really bad network design.  The service provider was not very happy.

I see why they may do this. They have likely had issues with overlapping 1918 
space in previous networks, so they thought "Oh, we'll nick this space, it's DoD
and nobody will ever use it..." and it's all fine, until somebody uses it.

It's just a really lazy way of getting things done that is likely to come and bite
you sooner or later.

So you said NO, and what did they do about it ?

Leigh Porter

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