Experience with Open Source load balancers?

matthew zeier mrz at velvet.org
Wed May 18 17:25:26 UTC 2011

> Recommend: F5 and Citrix Netscaler. If you are looking to combine your L7 FW into your LB then you might lean towards NetScaler. If you are looking at seperating those duties you can look at F5. IRules (F5) are the bomb.

Except that under (Mozilla) load, Netscaler fell apart.  F5, at the time, could not handle the logging rate I required.  Mozilla load is typically defined as high connection rate, low traffic per connection and mostly all SSL.  

During the Firefox 4 release, we peaked globally at 12Gbps, a significant portion of which was pushed out of three Zeus clusters with L7 rules and some non-trivial traffic script rules and a heck of a lot of content caching.  Of all the systems seeing increased usage during the Fx4 release, this wasn't where my worries were :)

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