Experience with Open Source load balancers?

Hammer bhmccie at gmail.com
Wed May 18 16:01:04 UTC 2011

I've worked with everything over the years. BigIP, CSS, CSM, ACE (blows),
NetScaler, say when. I've been thru a few RFPs and bake offs and also
evaluated open source options.

1. If you are looking for simple round robin load balancing with decent load
capabilities then there are several open source options in this thread that
may work. As long as you understand that you are going to be expected to
support them.....

2. If you are pushing features. SSL termination. Header rewrites. Payload
inspection (NetScaler does application firewalling on the same appliance).
Or other complexities and you are having to deal with enterprise traffic
volume you might be better off with one of the big vendors. Applications
these days are more and more complicated and a high end load balancer with a
stable feature set can often rescue your AppDev team and make you a hero.

Recommend: F5 and Citrix Netscaler. If you are looking to combine your L7 FW
into your LB then you might lean towards NetScaler. If you are looking at
seperating those duties you can look at F5. IRules (F5) are the bomb.


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-Jack Herer

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 12:31 AM, matthew zeier <mrz at velvet.org> wrote:

> I'll pile on here too - there's very little of Mozilla's web infrastructure
> that isn't behind Zeus.
> > +1 for Zeus. Use it in our production network with great success.
> > Magnitudes cheaper than a solution from F5, and doesn't hide the inner
> > workings of the product if you want to do some things outside the
> > scope of support.

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