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On May 17, 2011, at 6:09 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:

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>>>> What about privacy concerns
>>> "Privacy is dead.  Get used to it." -- Scott McNeely
>> Forget that attitude, Valdis. Just because privacy is blown at one level
>> doesn't mean you give it away at every other one. We establish the framework
>> for recovering privacy and make progress step by step, wherever we can.
>> Someday we'll get it all back under control.
> if you put something in the dns you do so because you want to discovered. scoping the nameservers such that they only express certain certain resource records to queriers in a particular scope is fairly straight forward.
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> The article was not about DNS.  It was about "Persistent Personal Names for Globally Connected Mobile Devices" where "Users normally create personal names by introducing devices locally, on a common WiFi network for example. Once created, these names remain persistently bound to their targets as devices move. Personal names are intended to supplement and not replace global DNS names."  

you mean like mac addresses? those have a tendency to follow you around in ipv6...

> I see a lot of folks on lists designing future networks where an identifier follows you everywhere and we as operators will have to deal with a public hostile to the idea of being followed.  It's happening now.  Just read all the articles on privacy lost.  It's not going to go away.  People like their privacy whether they're doing bad things or not.
> scott

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