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Subject: Re: Yahoo and IPv6 Date: Tue, May 17, 2011 at 12:56:37PM +0000 Quoting Paul Vixie (vixie at

> :-).
> to be clear, the old pre-web T1 era internet did not have much content
> but what content there was, was not lopsided.  other than slip and ppp
> there weren't a lot of networks one would call "access" and a smaller
> number of networks one would call "content".  i am not wishing for that,
> i like the web, i like content, i know there will be specialized networks
> for access and content.  but i also think (as jim gettys does) that we
> ought to be able to get useful work done without being able to reach the
> whole internet all the time.  that's going to mean being able to reach
> other mostly-access networks in our same neighborhoods and multitenant
> buildings and towns and cities, directly, and by name.  it does not mean
> being able to start facebook 2.0 out of somebody's basement, but it does
> mean being able to run a personal smtp or web server in one's basement
> and have it mostly work for the whole internet and work best for accessors
> who are close by and still work even when the "upstream" path for the
> neighborhood is down.
Now I seem to have got time enough to fully agree with you.  

The next facebook will start in a low-price datacenter. These
facilities did not exist as products before, and it can be argued that
the access/content separation does drive that market -- as long as I
had working Internet (as opposed to access class "Internet" ) at home,
I had no use for a colo.

Still, the centralization of content into a few networks does raise a
number of issues -- mostly regarding stability. Do note here that
several factors negatively impact stability, be they technical,
economical or legal. Peter Löthberg long ago advocated a network
interconnection model that was pretty local (and I believe he still
does). Peer often and everywhere.  That would take care of packets
getting through (as long as we all have unique addresses to point at;
v6 fixes this) The services that take the Net from being a graph
problem for nerds with BGP CLI access into what it has become need to
undergo similar fine-graining to keep up.

Oh, sorry, got carried away. 

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