Yahoo and IPv6

Jim Gettys jg at
Mon May 16 18:37:46 UTC 2011

On 05/14/2011 07:39 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
> Jim Gettys<jg at>  writes:
>> ... we have to get naming squared away.  Typing IPv6 addresses is for the
>> birds, and having everyone have to go fuss with a DNS provider isn't a
>> viable solution.
> perhaps i'm too close to the problem because that solution looks quite
> viable to me.  dns providers who don't keep up with the market (which means
> ipv6 and dnssec in this context) will lose business to those who do.
I don't believe it is currently viable for any but the hackers out 
there, given my experience during the Comcast IPv6 trial.  Typing V6 
addresses (much less remembering them) is a PITA.

You are asking people who don't even know DNS exists, to bother to 
establish another business relationship (or maybe DNS services might 
someday be provided by their ISP).

If you get past that hurdle they get to type long IPv6 addresses into a 
web page they won't remember where it was the year before when they did 
this the last time to add a machine to their DNS.

The way this "ought" to work for clueless home users (or cluefull users 
too, for that matter) is that, when a new machine appears on a network, 
it "just works", by which I mean that a globally routeable IPv6 address 
appears in DNS without fussing around using the name that was given to 
the machine when it was first booted, and that a home user's names are 
accessible via secondaries even if they are off line.  And NXDOMAIN 
should work the way it was intended, for all the reasons you know better 
than I.

This is entirely possible ;-).  Just go ask Evan Hunt what he's been up 
to with Dave Taht recently....
                           - Jim

Right now, IPv6 is worse than IPv4 for home users; we need

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