Yahoo and IPv6

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon May 16 02:06:54 UTC 2011

> e have agreed to disagree on the value of this before.  Sorry your not so
> popular protocol is going the way of EGP .... it's just not fit for the
> evolving internet and will be subject to natural deselction. I am sure you
> will disagree with that and insist every end user must always support ipv4
> because rtmfp is top of mind for so many users .... but we can leave it at
> that ....please
Which not-so-popular protocol are you referring to here?

The protocol behind most Flash Players?

I think many of those are relatively popular and are unlikely to experience
this natural deselection of which you speak.

I think deprecation of IPv4 is going to happen simply because it will hit
several walls in terms of scaling and the cost of continuing to support it
will exceed the utility, but, this will have little to do with any particular
subset of IPv4 uses and more to do with the overall picture.


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